The 2011 Toyama Glass and Sake Fair

Originally written for the Vol.4-No.3 edition (February 10, 2011) of the Toyama Hot News e-newsletter.

The Toyama Glass and Sake Fair, which started on January 4th and will
continue to run through March 31st, is a collaboration between
Toyama’s local sake industry and glass artists.

Among many activities and events, there will be opportunities to try
your hand at glass-blowing your own original sake cup, and receive a
limited-edition bottle of sake. For those preferring to purchase a
sake cup, there will be an exhibition and sale of different varieties
of glass sake cups from March 4th to the 27th.

On March 19th and 20th, all eighteen local sake brewers of Toyama will
convene and introduce new sakes. In this once-a-year event, over
sixty types of sake will be available to enjoy. There will even be
sake sweets for sale and a glass plate competition by glass art

This celebration of Toyama’s glass art combined with local sake is a
very unique and special way for the prefecture to introduce its appeal
to people outside of Toyama.

Source (article and photo): Toyama Just Now