Official “Toyama Brand” Endorsements Announced!

Originally written for the Vol.4-No.4 edition (February 25, 2011) of the Toyama Hot News e-newsletter.

Forty-eight people were awarded certificates for the eleven items selected as representative of Toyama Prefecture’s “Toyama Brand.”

The “Prefecture-Endorsed Toyama Brand” was established this year to carefully select items manufactured or produced in Toyama Prefecture, so that they can be publicized to increase awareness and raise the public image of Toyama.

These were chosen out of 120 submissions, and were rigorously judged by experts and committee members on quality/authenticity, originality, “Toyama-ness,” marketability, and promise.

The seven selected items from the agricultural and fishery category are:

Masu-zushi (pressed trout sushi) has been important since the Edo Period, and is famous throughout Japan.
Toyama tulips are the top-producing tulips in the country.
Toyama hoshi-gaki (dried persimmons) are high-quality and have been produced in the Nanto region for over three hundred years.
O-kado somen (cold noodles) is hand-made using traditional methods.
Toyama Bay buri (yellowtail), caught between November and March, are well-regarded for their quality and freshness.
Toyama Bay shiro-ebi (white shrimp), caught between April and November, are called “The Jewel of Toyama Bay” with its pale pink color.
Toyama Bay hotaru-ika (firefly squid) are a sign of spring in Toyama, and are caught while migrating for breeding season.

The four selected items from the manufactured items category are:

“Paro” the therapeutic robot is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the first of its kind, and is expected to be in high demand.
Water jet machines are devices that emits high-pressure water for cutting, cleaning, and manufacturing, and is used for industries such as the automobile, food, and airplane industries.
Inami wood carvings are an applied fine art.  Over two hundred chisels are used in traditional techniques.
Takaoka copperware has an over four hundred-year history, and is used in a large variety of items including flower vases, Buddhist alter pieces, temple bells, and bronze statues.

In addition, six items were chosen for the “Tomorrow’s Toyama” initiative, to support ambitious local projects.  These are: artisan kamaboko (fish cakes), Toyama Koshi-hikari rice, Kindai-Horioka torafugu (tiger blowfish) (see feature below), Nyuzen deep-water abalone, Nousaku tin ware, and AQUARIUMU (aluminum shoehorns).

The products selected for the “Toyama Brand” will serve to symbolize the richness of resources borne among the grand scenery of Toyama Prefecture.

Source (article and photo): Toyama Just Now