“New Museum of Modern Art” coming soon!

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The first of its kind – a museum which brings together art and design

The “Museum of Modern Art, Toyama” will be moving its collection, which includes works by world-renowned artists such as Picasso and Milo, to a brand new location near Toyama Station, in the Fugan Canal / Kansui Park area. The new museum is slated to open in summer 2016.

Since 1981, the “Museum of Modern Art, Toyama” has been displaying its collection, which includes 20th century greats such as Picasso, Milo, Delvaux and Shikō Munakata. Highly praised both in Japan and abroad, the museum houses notable collections such as its 12,000 posters and a rich array of design pieces that include an eclectic assortment of 240 chairs.

However, the museum’s current home is 33 years old; inadequate earthquake resistance and the building’s sprinkler system prevent it from qualifying for governmental aid programs geared towards the arts. As a result, the museum has been increasingly forced to act in isolation, and opportunities to cooperate with other museums have been limited. A move has been discussed for some time, and museum is taking advantage of this opportunity to secure a wonderful location near Toyama Station, in the western section of the Fugan Canal / Kansui Park area.

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The “New Museum of Modern Art”, as it is being provisionally called, promises to bring together the worlds of art and design in a way that has never seen before. The museum plans to showcase its world-class collection inventively, exploring new perspectives and innovative styles of display. As well, with the addition of a new workshop space, the museum will provoke interaction; it will be dedicated not only to the appreciation of art, but also to inspiring creativity in patrons.

The new building will have 3 floors, and its design incorporates huge glass windows to create a wide-open feel that overlooks the Fugan Canal and Kansui Park. The rooftop garden will be directly accessible from Kansui Park via a grand staircase, allowing park-goers to appreciate views of the Tateyama Mountain Range and Jinzū River at their leisure. The 1st floor will feature a gallery showcasing local works such as Takaoka caste bronze, Inami wood carvings, and other traditional crafts unique to Toyama in addition to a cafe, restaurant and museum gift shop. The 2nd floor promises something new for patrons visit after visit with its ample space for temporary exhibitions, as well as the creatively presented 20th century collection. Concerts, fashion shows and other events will also be held in the 2nd floor foyer.

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The 3rd floor will explore the fusion of art, design and music, and feature a workshop area where patrons can feel the joy of creating art themselves. Patrons will also be able to dine in style at the first Toyama appearance of the famous Tokyo restaurant “Taimeiken”.

Toyama residents eagerly anticipate the summer 2016 open. With the popular Kansui Park nearby, the museum is sure to become a place for people of all ages to gather and experience a unique blend of culture, art, and nature. Make sure to check out the museum when you visit Toyama!

Source: (Article and images) Toyama Just Now