About the Blog

Toyama Hot News began as an e-newsletter primarily targeted to those in Oregon, the U.S. sister state of Toyama Prefecture, in order to deepen and stregthen our friendship ties and promote our interactions and mutual endeavors. We turned Toyama Hot News into a blog in order to increase our audience and provide an alternative way to read news about Toyama. If you are interested in receiving the Toyama Hot News e-newsletter, please send your name and email address to one of the email addresses below with the subject: “Toyama Hot News Signup”.

This blog is written and maintained by the English-language Coordinator for International Relations (CIR) posted at the Toyama Prefectural Government. The CIR position is part of the Japan Exchange & Teaching (JET) Program.

Contact Information:

International Affairs Division
Toyama Prefectural Government
1-7 Shinsogawa, Toyama, Toyama 930-8501, Japan
Phone: +81-76-444-3158, +81-76-431-4111 ext. 2765; Fax: +81-76-432-5648

Mathieu Glacet (mathieu.glacet[at]pref.toyama.lg.jp or toyama.cir.usa[at]gmail.com)
Kenta Fujii (kenta.fujii[at]pref.toyama.lg.jp)

Toyama Prefecture website (English): http://www.pref.toyama.jp/english/


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